Neutral Bay
Posted by on 28th of February 2013

Because admin has never really been my thing, I have been a bit derelict in documenting my work. I did a really fun little job at the end of last year – an apartment in Neutral Bay, owned by a young guy who was moving in with his girlfriend. It was so wonderful to work with two very enthusiastic people and together we achieved a great result. Sadly, in light of the admission of the first sentence a finished shot will not be available but I took a photo of a pair of chairs we made for the project and a shot of fabrics used for cushions and the sofa – VOILA!!
The cushions were: white linen with the orange piping and a co-ordinating ikat with navy backing. The sofa was a textured, soft washed grey and the smart little chairs (small apartment) looked neat and terrific in their ikat covering. They are waiting in my hall to be taken to their new home – you can see my little Christmas Icelandic elves on the chest of drawers, a present from my sister.

Redfern Project
Posted by on 28th of February 2013

I am very excited, the project I have been working on for months is almost DA ready. Over the break I bought Vectorworks, a computer architectural drawing program and have been beavering away ever since. I thought I would show you a section and elevation. As the terrance is a heritage item, we have had to be very careful how the extension relates to the original structure. I wanted it to appear totally separate and as minimal as possible. The wraparound glass panels connect the two structures and will provide a dramatic strip of light and view from inside the building.anon elevation redfern

anon redfern section

Bellevue Hill
Posted by on 28th of February 2013

There is lots of news on the Bellevue Hill front…..
Richard and I put together a list of improvements we could make to the house over Christmas and he got to work. He realised, whilst moving a badly placed wall, that the underside of our shower was TOTALLY rotten and saturated. An old fibreglass membrane had cracked and the base of the shower was soggy chipboard, very smelly and on the verge of giving way (Christmas Kilos). Pool starting money became emergency bathroom replacement money. We decided to make it very classic – Carrara marble, walnut and chrome. Will keep you posted on progress…the bath is going to be undermounted, covered in marble slabs, picture below…

Balmain Project
Posted by on 28th of February 2013

I am working on a project in Balmain. The original house dates from the late 1800s and has been added to in the 70’s. It is a fabulous place with beautiful views. The work I am doing is cosmetic – renovations are planned in the future. I am having a wonderful time choosing rugs, fabrics and lights – some of my favourite things!

A beautiful geometric patterned rug from Robyn Cosgrove picks up on the bronze fireplace surround and the olive tiles, introducing a formal feel to the room.
I have designed a custom made ottoman using a raffia look Schumacher fabric – building on the idea of geometric pattern in the room.

Embroidered Jim Thompson cushions, provide an elegant, textured contrast and pull all the colours in the room together. The fabric is pictured with a graphic Armadillo striped rug destined for an adjacent area.